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When placing an ORDER by phone, PLEASE have your PART NUMBERS ready!

Dawson Precision manufactures rear sights for most of the popular pistols.
We offer notch widths of .115, which is the standard Bo-Mar width, .125, .135, .145 and .155 as well as custom notch widths by request.

For detailed information on determining the correct height for your front sight, please review this PDF: Front Sight Height Guide

For instructional videos on sight installation, please visit our YouTube channel.

To schedule Dawson Precision to install your sights, please call one of our helpful, friendly sales staff for lead times and shipping instructions.

DO NOT send us your slide or gun without contacting us first! This is very important!

When placing an ORDER by phone, PLEASE have your PART NUMBERS ready!

Fiber Optic Replacement Filament
Colt 1911 Rear Sights
CZ Rear Sights
FNH Rear Sights
Glock Rear Sights
Grand Power Rear Sights
GSG 1911 .22
Heinie Rear Sights
HK Rear Sights
Kahr Arms Rear Sights
Kimber Rear Sights
Les Baer Rear Sights
Novak Low Mount Cut Rear Sights
Para Ordnance/LPA Cut Rear Sights
Rock Island Armory Rear Sights
Ruger Rear Sights
Sig Arms Rear Sights
Smith and Wesson Rear Sights
Springfield Armory Rear Sights
STI/SV/Bomar Rear Sights
Taurus Rear Sights
Walther Rear Sights
Replacement Parts for Rear Sights