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AR/2011 Mag Pouch

AR/2011 Mag PouchMag Pouch-Double/Blade-Tech/For STI, SV 2011 HiCap and AR15/Tek Lok, Adj, 1' to 2 1/4' Belt, Horizontal Rear Facing, Blk, RH

Price: $53.99
  • Tension Fit Mag Pouches, No Straps Needed for Retention
  • Great Utilization of Space
  • Ambidextrous
  • High Quality Polymer Construction for Increased Durability
  • Both the Rifle and Pistol Mag Pouches are Tension Adjustable

The Blade-Tech DPR Combo Mag Pouch is designed to help the wearer expand the amount of gear on their belt without losing needed space. The DPR pouch is configured with our very popular injection molded Double Pistol Mag Pouch affixed to the outside. This pouch is made to allow for quick & easy access to pistol magazines without the need for additional buttons or straps for retention. Tucked in behind the pistol mag pouch is our ambidextrous, injection molded AR15/M4 mag pouch.

The DPR Combo Mag Pouch can be worn with both the Pistol & Rifle Pouches set for a vertical draw. Because the mag pouches are both ambidextrous, the vertical configuration can be worn virtually anywhere on the belt. The Combo Mag Pouch also offers the option of carrying the rifle mag pouch horizontal while the pistol mag pouches are still in a vertical arrangement. The DPR Combo Mag Pouch can be worn with Rifle Mag Forward on right front or Rifle Mag Back on left hip for right handed shooters. For left handed shooters, the set up can be worn with the Rifle Mag Forward on left front or Mag Back on right hip. This new combo mag pouch can be worn and used by patrol officers, combat officers and 3 gun competitors that are looking to have their Mag pouches in a familiar place with twice the utility.