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Handgun Competition Rules:

Click on the links below to see each rule book or right-click to save the file to your computer.

USPSA Pistol

USPSA Shotgun


USPSA Precision Rifle

USPSA Multi-Gun


IPSC Pistol

IPSC Shotgun

IPSC Rifle


SCSA Steel Challenge

Scholastic Steel Challenge


IDPA Pistol

IDPA Multi-Gun


Exploded Views:

Click on the links below to see views of the parts.

Exploded View of 1911 Pistol 

Exploded View of STI Pistol 

Exploded View of Para Ordnance Pistol

Exploded View of STI Magazine

Exploded View of Para Magazine

Instructions for DP Parts:

Installing Dovetail Front Sights with Dave Dawson (Video)  <----NEW!

Installing Glock Sights with Dave Dawson (Video)  <----NEW!

Front Sight Height Calculator (PDF)

DP Fiber Optic Sights- Installing New Inserts (JPG)

DP Fiber Optic Sights - Installing New Inserts (Video)

DP Front Sight Fiber Optic Replacement (PDF)

DP Rear Sight Fiber Optic Replacement (PDF)

DP Ejector Pin Drill Bit Usage Guide (Video)

Toolless Guide Rod (JPG)

Front Sight Selection Information (Under Construction)

DP Carry/IPSC Box Basepad Installation (Video)

Glock Magazine Follower Tuning Video for Dawson Basepads (Video)

DP Glock Magazine Follower Tuning (PDF)

DP Follower Installation (PDF)

DP 1911/2011 Ejector Installation (Video)

DP 2011 Basepad Installation (PDF)

Dovetail Front Sight Installation (PDF)

Glock Front Sight Installation (PDF)

Adjustable Rear Sight Installation (PDF)

DP Light Rail Installation (PDF)

DP Light Rail Adapter Installation (PDF)

DP Compensator Installation (PDF)

DP Glock Basepad Installation (PDF)

DP Thumb Rest Installation (PDF)

DP Glock Ice Magwell Installation (3.2MB PDF)

Magazine Maintenance (PDF)

DP Mainspring Housing Installation (PDF)

DP 1911 Ice Magwell Installation (PDF)

DP Kahr Front Sight Installation (PDF)

DP STI GP6 Front Sight Installation (PDF)

DP Extractor Removal Tool Instructions (PDF)

Fitting a 9mm Mag Spacer Instructions (PDF)


Instructions for Determining if DP Para Parts will Fit Your Mag Tubes:

Para Mag Tube Dimensions (JPG)


Instructions for Determining Proper Gun Belt Size:

Galco Belt Sizing (JPG)


Dawson Logos (PDFs created in Adobe Illustrator): 


DPlogo1.pdf (4-Color)
DPlogo2.pdf (2-Color)
DPlogo3.pdf (Grayscale)
DPlogo4.pdf (Grayscale)

Other Items:

Dawson Precision Happy Camper RMA Form

Dawson Precision Resale 126 Sales Tax Form

Perfect Impact Policy (PDF)

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